Introduction to Purposeful Growth Coaching and Consulting

I am thrilled to announce that my website is live!

As a Purposeful growth Coach and Consultant, I help people and businesses grow.

Now Purpose is a big word that is used often. I define it as Essence in Action. It is about being and doing.

Being is your essence, the things you strongly believe in, your values, your fire in life, what makes you uniquely you. 

Doing is the action part. It is the more visible part. It are the things you are busy with such as a job, friendships – or in the case of businesses it is your product, communication and HR policies.

When being and doing are in line with each other, you are in a place of purpose. 

Makes sense right?

Purposeful Working & Living

Well actually, I see that often we are so occupied with what we are doing, already from a young age on, that we simply end up in places and then realise we are not happy. 

This is how we get to feel stuck! 

Often, there is a triggering moment that makes you stop.  

Then you ask yourself: 


And if not this, what then? 

As a coach I help you to make change happen for yourself and get answers to these kinds of questions.

Purposeful Branding & Employment

For many businesses I see the same dynamic. They are excellent in WHAT they are doing. But it is harder to really stand out, have a strong WHY that people can sense when they interact with you.

You don’t want to be another tech company – or whatever industry you are in. You want to unique! Have personality, have a clear why and connect on a more human level with people. 

As a consultant, I can help you go beyond excellence and go for Purposeful Impact.

Now have a look at my new website to see more about how I work! I would love to hear what you think!

Watch the video!

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