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Confidently target the right people with the right offer!

You passionately started coaching. But after the bright sunny start, darker clouds appear: attracting paying clients is hard work and requires so much time and energy. It’s a challenge to get noticed with so many coaches out there.

You can be the most talented, motivated and passionate coach on Earth, if you don’t have a clear story or if you don’t know how to get your story across, you are going to struggle in business.

So how to position yourself and how to get the right message out to the right people? My personal 1-on-1 program will help you get there! Discover your niche and confidently target the right people in an effective way. That will make winning new business easier and more fun. Contact me now to join the program.

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You don't "choose" your niche. You discover it.

Your niche is where your personality, experience and talent meet a specific kind of client. Where you can add most value. So you don’t just “choose” your niche. You discover it. And that is a process, a journey.

Consider me your tour guide. If you have ever gone on a hike, you know how important your company is – practically and mentally. This is very similar. You live and breathe your business every day, and as a result you lose perspective on what it’s really about.

 I have worked as an international brand- and marketing consultant for more than 10 years. And I will personally coach and consult you every step of the way. 

Don't fall into the trap!

One of the biggest pitfalls for coaches is to start running before knowing the destination and planning the route. But succes in marketing does not come from doing things randomly, it comes through doing things smart and efficiently.

It’s an easy trap to fall into, considering all “experts” out there telling you HOW you should do your marketing: social media, vlogging, newsletters, SEO, advertising,…. They are not necessarily wrong, these tactics could potentially be effective, but only if they are in service of what you want to achieve: WHY you do what you do.

First WHY, then HOW. Thats’s how this program is built. Read more about the set-up below!

This practical program is specifically designed for coaches (in any field), who want to confidently target the right people in an effective way, so winning new business will be easier and more fun.

Is that you? Then read more about the program below!

About the program

I don’t like to overpromise. I rather overdeliver. What I guarantee you is this: a solid and proven program that will support you step by step in getting clear answers to big and challenging questions about your strategic niche, AND clarity about what that means in terms of your (marketing)communication.

The program consists of two parts; Positioning Strategy (WHY) and Communication Strategy (HOW). Both consist of 3 clear steps (so 6 in total) that all build on each other. For every step you will be doing some exercises before the coaching & consulting session. During our time together we will deepen the learning and forward the action. After the session you are ready to integrate what we have discovered, finalise that step in your strategy, and move on to the next step! This way we are creating your personal strategic plan from beginning to end!

What people say about the program

Watch previous clients tell their stories at the bottom of this page!

How the program is built

Part 1: WHY
Positioning Strategy

Your positioning is the backend of your business, the strategic choice you make for its’ success. Look at it as the foundation of your house. It provides support and clarity for all that’s build on top, above the ground. If the foundation isn’t rock solid, the house on top is in danger of collapsing.

Gold discovery

Theme of this step: CURIOSITY

We’ll uncover golden insights about you, your clients and your business.

You’ll end this step with your unique ELEVATOR PITCH!

Your big WHY

Theme of this step: ACTIVISM

We’ll take a stance for what you believe in, what you add to this world and why you exist.

You’ll end this step with a business PURPOSE DEFINITION and a powerful BRAND MANIFESTO!

Live the brand

Theme of this step: CREATIVITY

We’ll bring your your business to life by exploring it’s visual expression and the tone of voice.

You’ll end this step with BRAND GUIDELINES for a consistent and clear expression of your business!

Part 2 : HOW
Communication Strategy

Your communication is your way of interacting with the outside world. Consider it your house built on top of your positioning fundament. A house that is inviting to a specific group of people: your clients! What does your house look like? A farm house or a modern loft? What does it express about your coaching? Communication is about more than words, so we take a holistic approach.

Client research

Theme of this step: INVESTIGATION

We’ll get under the skin of your clients, so we get to understand their needs, behaviour and lifestyle.

You’ll end this step with your unique CLIENT PERSONA’S!

Match & Catch

Theme of this step: CONNECTION 

We’ll meet your clients where they are, connecting their needs with your talent.

You’ll end this step with an irresistible PROPOSITION for your clients!

Planning for success

Theme of this step: INTEGRATION

We’ll define your best communication strategies for success and clarify your marketing priorities.

You’ll end this step with an ACTION PLAN, so you are ready to start winning new business with ease!

3 spots per month available!

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What sets this program apart?

Private In-Person Guidance

Exclusive focus on your business strategy through private in-person sessions. 

Personalised journey

Personalised Journey

Do it on your own time and speed; we agree together how fast we move ahead with the program.

Tailor made program

Tailor Made Program

Designed specifically for coaches, this program cuts to the chase and focusses only on what is important for you. 

Step by step process

Step By Step Process

A clear and structured approach that makes the challenge of finding your niche manageable. 
Learning by doing

Learning By Doing​

An active program full of examples, exercises and tools that help you discover your unique answers.

Best of both worlds

The Best Of Both Worlds

A powerful combination of brand consulting and personal coaching on your specific needs. 

Program requirements

I always do a free check-in call with you before you embark on the program. I want to make sure my program is really what you need, so you can take the most out of it. 

Welcome on board when you...

If this is you, go for it! Sign up and get on board!

Maybe not (yet) your time when you...​

Maybe I can help you otherwise. Book a call to discuss what’s possible!


The program is built in two parts, which you can purchase separately or all together in one package.

Part 1:

Positioning Strategy


What you’ll get:

What you’ll take out:


Part 2:

Communication Strategy


What you’ll get:

What you’ll take out:


Full program:

Positioning & Communication Strategy


What you’ll get:

What you’ll take out:


* The program is delivering you a strategy. Actual copywriting or content creation is out of the scope of this program (e.g. me producing content for you). Pre- and post-session it is your own responsibility to capture notes and finalise the work into a clear written out plan. I will collaborate with you on your plan through coaching and marketing consulting during each of the sessions. 

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About me

I have a masters degree in Marketing Communication and worked for over 10 years in Marketing and Strategic Branding. Over the years, I have helped dozens of brands across industries with their positioning and communication strategy. 

I am also a certified Co-Active & ICF coach and I experienced first hand what challenges are unique to the Coaching industry. Standing out from 60.000 coaches worldwide is not easy, but definitely possible!

This is why I decided to build a program and combine my marketing strategy expertise with my coaching knowledge. I am looking forward to getting to know you!

Not sure yet?

It’s good to be critical! I always do a free check-in call upfront. You can ask me all your questions, without any obligations to sign up.


Client Testimonials

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Noor's Story

Enjoy this conversation between Noor, the founder of of Moving Matter, and myself. 

Noor has just finished the program and feels excited as well as a little scared. Because now that she is so clear on her positioning and communication strategy, she is ready to go! 

We reflect on what has changed for her now that she has completed the work. We look back at what worked for her in the way the program is set up and our collaboration. And she tells about the biggest insights that helped her in her transformation. 

Get to know more about Noor and Moving Matter at

Mirvat's Story

Listen in on my conversation with Mirvat, who is an independent life and business coach.

Mirvat has just finished part 1 of the program. We look back at why our collaboration started and what was most valuable to her.

Get to know more about Mirvat at She will soon populate her website with more content about her and her offer. I am absolutely excited about that, because she has such a powerful and unique gift to share with the world. 

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