Welcome! I'm Leonie, and I help People & Organisations grow from Purpose.

Purposeful Growth Coaching and Consulting

Purpose is at the heart of my Coaching and Consulting services, because it’s key for prosperity and well-being of people, organisations, and the world.

Let’s rebalance the way we show up in the world! Sustaining a future for all. 

What I offer

Purposeful Growth for Individuals

Life & Career Coaching

Lead a fulfilling, balanced and successful life.

Purposeful Growth for Organisations

Brand & Culture Consulting

Achieve positive results for people, planet and profit.

Purposeful Growth for Organisations

Leadership & Workplace Coaching

Nurture a balanced, happy and high performing team.

Purposeful Growth for Coaches

Marketing Niche Program

Confidently target the right people with the right offer.

Purpose is Essence in Action

What is Purposeful Growth?

We are facing big challenges. A changing climate, growing inequality, increasing levels of stress and loneliness to name just a few. We have lost our balance in life. Our balance in the way we work.

Purposeful growth is about regaining that balance. Focusing on being and doing. Doing the inner and outer work. Developing hard and soft skills. Listening to head and heart. It’s putting your essence in action.

New ways of thinking and acting are required to be successful in a wholesome way. That’s why we need to break limiting beliefs on how we live, work and lead. Do better by coming from a balanced, more “wholistic” perspective. That’s my mission. Are you with me?

Purpose is Essence in Action

Balance being and doing


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