Coaching Prices & Packages

The road of progression

I would love to tell you that coaching is a straightforward road leading you to the place you want to be. In reality it is more like a curvy road that bends into undiscovered corners. That is exactly where growth is hiding. New observations, connections and insights will demand your focus along the way. 

Every coaching journey is different. That is simply because every person and every coaching question is different. Depending on your ambition, I have an offer that will fit your need. So whether you need a powerful boost or you’re looking for a transformation in your work- or private life, let’s do important work together! 

your individual coaching journey

Prices & Packages

Please find my current rates below. For more information about these packages, please feel free to CONTACT ME or BOOK A FREE SAMPLE SESSION for an introduction.

As said, every coaching journey is different. However, impactful growth is not achieved overnight. This is why most of my clients choose a package of multiple sessions, and schedule a session every two to three weeks. 

As I believe that coaching should be available for everyone, I offer pro-bono coaching when certain personal circumstances apply. In the spirit of giving I would ask you to reciprocate and help others in your way with your gift. CONTACT ME for more information. 

Sample session

Introduction to coaching and coach


Single session

1 hour coaching session


Incl. 19% VAT

Package of 6

6 coaching sessions


Incl. 19% VAT

Package of 10

10 coaching sessions


Incl. 19% VAT

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