My Purpose

My Purpose

Empowering people & businesses to redefine success by breaking limiting beliefs on how to live, work and lead.

My Vision

A world in which growth and success are defined at an individual level, with a bigger communal and societal benefit in mind.

My Mission

Helping people and businesses grow, from purpose. For fulfilling lives & impactful businesses that people love.

I Believe

We are held captive by limiting beliefs about success, which stops us from living and doing business purposefully.

Whatever our dream, we will never really know it, feel it, live it without a conscious quest. In the middle of our crazy busy lives, the necessity of standing still, reflection and deliberate decision making is bigger than ever. We are getting caught up in the rat race, the everydayness. We trust what others tell us is important, and we don’t question whether that is what we actually want. This is how we get to live disconnected from our true self and our potential to make meaningful impact in the world. This potential is fuelled by our personality, our unique talent and our values that we hold in our essence. A balanced, happy and fulfilling life can only be achieved if we live on-purpose. When we bring our essence into action.

I believe people can grow into a more fulfilling life if they live on purpose. I believe everyone, but especially those who dare to question the status quo, would benefit from working with a coach who holds a mirror to see what’s truly there and helps them to create change.

Most businesses started with a dream bigger than profit. But the focus on financial targets and performance KPI’s often takes lead in the everyday operation. Today, profit and purpose are inseparable. People are not only looking at what businesses have to offer. How they operate and behave is equally important. Businesses need to be active and responsible members of society. They are leaders because of their power and impact – they have the ability to solve our problems, to fuel our economies, to employ our people, to impact our planet. There is an interdependency between businesses and society. Therefore it is critical to become a friend, an ally of society. To act purposefully. And bring your business essence beyond profit, into action.

I believe every business has the potential to grow their hard (profit, share) and soft (trust, love) ambitions by purposefully contributing to society. I believe many businesses need help in finding and acting on their purpose, as this requires change.

I Stand For

Conscious living and working.

Responsible business operation.

I Hate

Happiness preaching – real living comes with ups and downs.

Greenwashing or fakery – brands should walk the talk.

How I Want People to Feel

Empowered, positive and part of a bigger whole.

What the World Needs More of

Care, equality and freedom.

Why My Work is Important

When people and businesses grow from purpose, the world will become a more cared for, equal and free place.