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"We are at the point where not taking purpose into the equation, is a bad business decision."

Purposeful Brand & Culture Consulting

Businesses play a key role in society. They have the ability to drive change and make an impact in our lives, communities and even the wellbeing of the planet. People are increasingly critical about the way companies work and act. Here’s the thing: your business needs people. First of all to buy from you. But you also need the best and most talented people in your teams. This, is why purpose matters.

It turns your customers into loyal customers. And it attracts talent. They are not simply doing a job, they become passionate co-pilots of your business. Therefore, purpose and profit are therefore inseparable. And critical for long-term growth.

I help organizations to lead from purpose, and drive human-centric business growth.

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Purpose matters

Features can get copied.
Purpose cannot.

Your product or service solves important issues for your customers. This is why you are successfully in business and why talent likes working for you.

There is just one problem. Competition is strong and it is a constant fight to be ahead of the business game. To keep and grow your customer base. And to make sure the best people will work for you. On top of that, all of your powerful features, can (and will!) ultimately be copied by others. 

What can not be copied is who you are as a business. All of what is uniquely you. Your purpose. 

Purposeful Businesses bring their “Essence in Action”. There is an element of being and doing. 

Being represents the core of your business and what it essentially wants to stand for. It is rooted in the DNA of the organization and lives in written and unwritten company values and beliefs. Businesses usually capture their essence through strategic brand positioning. 

Doing is how you act as an organization. This is where authenticity lives. Do you act in line with what you claim to be as an organization? Internally, the business culture is an important indicator. Externally, your doing comes to life in decisions about your marketing mix, purchase and production chain, shareholder management, partnerships, and any other behavior.

Purpose is Essence in Action

You have to walk your talk

The only way you can lead a purposeful business is when being and doing align. When you act authentically.

You have to walk your talk. I can not stress enough how important this is. Purpose washing or greenwashing is a result of businesses failing to do so. And this can result in backlash for your brand. 

As your purpose consultant, it is my mission to make your business successfully grow in the long run. I help businesses that are serious about making a positive impact, to lead from purpose for increased internal & external brand love.

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What I can do for your business!

I help Marketing and HR Managers to lead from purpose for increased external & internal brand love.


Envision the potential for your business. 

Most organisations have a clarified a mission, vision and core values for their organisation. Some even pinpointed a purpose statement.

However, in the hassle of everyday reality, these documents often end up with a layer of dust. Short term thinking wins over long term vision.

That is such a shame! Because winning businesses of the future are always one step ahead of time today.


I identify or simply dust off your business purpose, and (re)align leaders on a clear future direction for the long term success of the organisation. 


> Purpose discovery.  A research based methodology to discover what would be a relevant purpose territory for your business. Storytelling is key to my methodology – I am happy to tell you more about my approach. Where can you make a real difference and touch the hearts of clients and talent?

> Brand positioning. Development of your brand story, brand manifesto and a crystal clear brand positioning framework. 

> Compass sessions. Where leaders come together and (re)align along the why, your northstar, how, your unique brand positioning and culture, and what, your competitive market definition, to set course for the business.  



Clarify roadblocks and create change for good. 

So you have set a clear ambition for the future of the business. But is the organisation ready to act on this ambition?

This is a critical phase, yet one that gets or stepped over too quickly, too often. And true, its not as energising as envisioning potential.

Nevertheless, the only route to success is by identifying possible obstacles, so they can get resolved through change.


I put my finger on organisational issues, and help to change rusty perspectives and ways of working that are not serving the bigger purpose. 


> Culture assessment. What is the talk, what is the walk? Understanding how purpose and values are seen in action on an everyday basis. Gain insights in cultural strengths, and opportunities for growth.

Purpose commitments. Do’s and don’ts guideline setting for every department. Because all that is happening within the organisation should be in line with your purpose.

> Leadership development. Coaching and leadership skill building for the captains of your business. They will lead the change. 



Act on purpose – internally and externally.

You are clear on your strategic direction, you have set up the organisation for success. Now the only thing left is starting the flying wheel!

Sounds simple and is simple! You have done the groundwork to deliver upon purpose through inspiration and creativity. 

Both internally and externally, what are powerful ideas to act in-line with purpose? Ideas can come from unexpected places!


I create momentum for people to share their ideas, and I empower talent to take ownership and make impact in line with your purpose.


> Professional development coaching. Empower your talent through coaching and establish a balanced and fulfilled, high performing team. Read more about it HERE.

Purpose activation. Creative workshops across teams to embed the purpose in everyday thinking and working. These engage people on all levels of the organisation. And they are a way to spark creative ideas on how to act on purpose.

"As your purpose consultant, it is my mission to make your business successfully grow in the long run. I help you transform from being excellent in performance, into being loved for what you do and who you are." 

About me

My passion for purpose started early on in my career. Back in early 2010, when the concept was relatively new in the business world, I joined a global brand consultancy and specialised in Purposeful Branding.

Starting in my hometown Amsterdam and later joining the New York office, I worked for some of the world’s biggest brands and businesses such as Heineken, SCA (Libero), MARS (Whiskas), Miller, Yeni Raki, Whirlpool, Liberty Global, Rabobank (DLL) and many more.

In 2018 I joined a startup to build a Purposeful hotel concept, BUNK Hotels,  and built the brand and marketing from the ground up. In this year I also did the intensive Co-Active coaching training to help people grow and become better leaders in their work- and private life.

Today, I’m a certified Professional Co-Active Coach, and accredited by the International Coaching Federation. The Co-Active program is recognised as the most rigorous training for professional coaches and business leaders. Read more about my credentials on the page about me.

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How I work

I have a pragmatic, hands-on approach. I start with listening to your needs and will propose a clear step by step approach that matches your need, ambition and budget.

I work in co-creation with the key decision makers in your teams. I’m not your advisor, I’m your partner. 

I use my analytical and emotional skills in the job. Factual data only tells us part of the story. It’s when we read between the lines and listen to what is really being said, that we find deeper insight. This is why I believe in the power of storytelling. Stories are data with a soul! 

"As your purpose consultant, it is my mission to make your business successfully grow in the long run. I help you transform from being excellent in performance, into being loved for what you do and who you are." 
"As your purpose consultant, it is my mission to make your business successfully grow in the long run. I help you transform from being excellent in performance, into being loved for what you do and who you are."